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Settle copyright violations the fair & friendly way.

Keep control. Eliminate the middle man. Assisted by our easy to use software.

Most copyright infringers are very nice people, actually.

Don’t be an ass.

We understand how you feel. You’re totally annoyed that people use your pictures without a license. At the same time you know that most copyright violations are just mistakes that happened to people that are just as nice as you are.

Treat them like you would want to be treated. Don’t send someone after them. Make them an offer to buy a license and give them a chance to right their wrong. They will love you for that.

All you need is a Settlement Portal and a Case Management Portal. It’s that simple.

Fair Licensing is a Software-as-a-Service tool that helps you to make licensing offers to copyright infringers to turn them into customers. It consists of an easy to use Case Management Portal and a Settlement Portal that can be integrated into your own website.

Website owners interact only with you and your brand and payments are made directly to your account. Eliminate the middle-man and have full control over the communication with your new customers.

What you see

Case Management Portal

Prepare your Case

After detecting a copyright violation you prepare a case in the fair licensing portal by taking screenshots, recording the website details and calculating your fair licensing offer.

The website owner receives information about your case and their access details to the Settlement Portal via an email originating from your personal or company’s address.

What the website owner sees

Settlement Portal

Easy license purchase

The website owner logs into the settlement portal, reviews the evidence and accepts your offer by making a payment to you right in your portal. 

The settlement portal is in your look and feel, comes with your own logo and can be integrated into your website. All of the website owner’s interactions are with you only. No third party involved.

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